domingo, septiembre 17, 2006


Dentro de los artículos que leí, saque ésta información sobre eco diseño que me parece permite crear una idea concreta sobre que es y para que se esta desarrollando en el mundo:

"Eco-design (often called ‘design for environment’ in the United States) refers to the systematic incorporation of environmental factors into product design and development, is a rather new phenomenon, and is still in the diffusion stage.

There are physical limits to the energy and material efficiency that can be reached when a product with a specific, fixed design is manufactured. In addition, in many countries process emissions have diminished such that (often diffuse) emissions from the use stage of products are now becoming dominant.

Experience shows that where incremental improvements of existing products may lead to some 25–50 % reduction in environmental pressure per consumption unit, with redesign or functional innovation.

Environmental product design or eco-design does not require a radically different approach to product development. Rather, it demands that environmental aspects be taken into account in the various elements that influence design decisions (Cramer et al. 1994).

In a strict sense, eco-design activities are often related to actual product design, a process with a rather large operational component. Various tools and procedures can be used here. Examples include manuals with environmental design rules and checklists with desirable/less desirable materials/components, databases and software that enable a quick evaluation of the environmental life-cycle performance of a specific design, books with examples, etc.

Silvia Lleras